Friday, May 28, 2010

Saltwater Pickle Company 43



  1. The captain always wears a hat. People have to know who’s in charge.

  2. First Mondays, now Wednesdays too?! Don't you like us anymore Carl? (sniffle)

  3. Comics union contract states Holiday Monday = Holiday Week

  4. Well? Does Katie ever get over Gibbs' hat? Does Gibbs find a new hat? Do they ever get to shore?

  5. Gundelsheim Garlic Barrel Pickles
    German Garlic Barrel Pickles are very popular. If the Germans win the World Cup, the German Pickle might be the official pickle of international soccer. Our Secretary of State developed a deep desire for the German Pickle during her spouse’s Lewinski days. Bill didn’t seem to mind. His tastes were more “French.”

    The German Pickle depends on a quality pickle to start the process, thus the kidnapping of Helen to torture her for the famous recipe of the Saltwater Pickle. It must have been for the recipe, as she isn’t much to look at as you remember from earlier frames of the saga.

    The German Pickle depends also on a quality garlic, steeped in oil. Where do you get hundreds of thousands of barrels of free oil? All you have to do is torpedo a drilling operation and the oil flows like … water.

    What is missing? The final step is the ability to tap into a constant and humungous supply of garlic. I hope Gibbs is using his kite to whisk him to the only place everything smells like and is made of garlic … Italy. It wouldn’t be the first time the Germans have taken advantage of the Italians.

    If I were Gibbs, I would slip a couple of German words into the conversation and see if Katy understands them. She might have been sent from the “other side.”

  6. Ok, so maybe my plot was a little too complicated.