Thursday, February 25, 2010

Saltwater Pickle Company 4



  1. Carl, you are too out there. I'm assuming this is the ending of this story line. Great! Well worth the wait so far.

  2. It's not your typical comic, true. I'm just establishing a couple things about the character of Jack Gibbons to get the story started. We're just scratching the crazy surface.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. I am noticing some anachronisms. The German sub is put together with rivets instead of welds denoting a ship from long ago, then, Mr. Gibbons shows up in tightie whities, a symbol of, unfortunately, today. Wait a minute … that is an artistic way of displaying a time shift !!

    Like the brothers in that beer commercial said, “Brilliant!”

  4. Did you select a blog that doesn't allow you to monitor comments?

    I am worried.

  5. Why do they always demand that you have pants on BEFORE being taken seriously? I always hated that, and try to convey that, but nobody will listen until I comply. Oh well.